Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Is Nudism Healthy For Children?
Although some nudist resorts cater strictly to adults, the majority welcome people of all ages. But is nudism healthy for children? Here's what
AANR (The American Association for Nude Recreation) says:

Q: What about our kids?

A: Children are natural nudists and quickly take to it like ducks take to water. Most clubs welcome children and encourage families to join. At these clubs, you'll find activities and facilities for your kids to enjoy - and they'll thank you for taking them along.

There has been extensive
research to support the naturist's claim that nudism is not only safe for children, but beneficial as well. Numerous studies, such as the one conducted at the University of Northern Iowa, consistantly demonstrate that children raised in a nudist setting tend to have significantly higher self-esteem than non-nudist children. They simply feel more comfortable about their bodies and their sexuality.

Another study was conducted by psychologists Robin Lewis and Louis Janda at Old Damien University. They reported that "increased exposure to nudity in the family fosters an atmosphere of acceptance of sexuality and one's body." They concluded that children who have seen their parents naked are more comfortable with physical contact and affection, have higher self-esteem, and show increased acceptance of and comfort with their bodies and their sexuality.

On the flip-side, research by Marie-Louise Booth at the California School of Professional Psychology found that "individuals with less childhood exposure to parental nudity experienced significantly higher levels of adult sexual anxiety than did the group with more childhood exposure to parental nudity." Separate research by Diane Lee Wilson at The Wright Institute reached the same conclusion.After conducting extensive research at the State University of New York at Albany in the late 1960s, Lou Lieberman concluded with the following remarks:

...young people who had casually seen both of their parents nude in the home were far more likely to feel comfortable with their bodies and to also feel more satisfied with the size and shape of their genitalia and breasts.


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Anonymous said...

Your correct children love nudity. Since we started with nudism more than two years ago, they have not had a cold.
We have a very large back yard with trees and hedges growing around the back. There is also a high hidden chain link fence to insure privacy. We have three boys 16, 13 and 6 along with a little girl age 10. They wll be nude the entire summer except for the oldest. He wearsa spedos and a shirt while working at a local pool as a life guard.
He wishes that the pool would allow nudity. He has two close friends, who come stay with us at various times. Their parents know that we are nudists and have nothing against their boys being nude.gelyc

Boyd Allen said...

I find my daughter is very comfortable in the nude. Like her mother though, she jumps quickly into clothes when the door knocks, but otherwise, we have a very comfortable outlook towards our bodies. She is affectionate and really has no issues on how she looks in public. Of course, we have to train her that other people do, so might as well dress up properly when we do go out.